Service and Installation of UPS Battery Banks:

Specialised Battery Systems have an experienced team to assist you with the supply, delivery and installation any UPS Battery Banks and accessories.

Specialised Battery Systems are able to assist you with the necessary regular service requirements of UPS Battery Banks.

UPS Battery Accessories:

Battery Stands/ Racks (Steel or Wooden)

Parallel termination kits

Battery Cabinets

Inter cell/ unit battery connectors (Cable and Bus Bar)

Solar and Battery Back-up systems/ products:

Design and Installation of Solar Systems

Solar modules/ panels (10W to 300W)

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries for Solar (12V blocks and 2V cells)

Mercedes Benz Energy – Lithium Ion Battery systems for Solar.


Hybrid; Grid-Tie and Home Back-up

Victron Energy


CEIL Home inverters (650W; 1000W and 2000W)

Solar panel roof mounting systems

Controllers/ Regulators (10A to 100A)

Battery balancers


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